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let’s all take a minute to stop and think about how Hagrid gave Harry his homemade birthday cake, told him how much he looked like his parents, and fed him sausages before he even started to explain that he was a wizard

let’s stop to think about how his absolute first priority was to let harry know that he was loved and cared for

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*snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

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I hate it when men make unsolicited comments about a woman’s body. Like “she’s got a nice shape but she needs to tighten up her stomach”

How about you tighten up your lips and never speak again you ignorant shit.

Wow maybe you need to accept constructive criticism jesus christ.

Men telling me (or any other woman) what I need to do for them to find me sexually attractive is not constructive criticism.

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it is actually really sweet when someone stays up late to talk to you

What if they fall asleep by accident though?

then you love it even more because they stayed up even though they were dead tired just to talk to you ya doof

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Why is this not taught universally.

the man is terrified haha!

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Status: Rain! :)
Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.

This is not what it looks like Mrs Crane



Love the face that she makes

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This is my new favorite thing!

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Sorry, I couldn’t find the source :(

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